a clean slate

I feel like most of my previous posts, while I usually wrote what I felt, had a little bit of falseness to them. I ended all of them with "I'll be back soon!" or something like that, but of course I never stayed true to that. Part of me wants to delete this entire blog and start fresh. A clean slate sounds so nice. I'm all about clean slates lately. I got rid of tons of clothing that didn't feel "me" anymore, redid my room so it is much more minimalist, and better for creating. I could do the same thing here, but I'm not going to yet. This is a platform I have been building up since seventh grade, and it shows progress, which is positive. Really I'm just looking for positivity in any shape or form right now.

I hope that showing up, and posting on here more will do that. At first, I blogged for other people. I wanted everyone to see what I was doing, where I was, etc. I still do, and I'm still writing in hopes that someone out there will read this and be interested in my achievements, but I also want to do it for myself. I want a place to keep track of what I'm doing, to be able to look back and say "see, I have improved." For now, I'm going to ease back into it slowly. I'm not promising a weekly post or anything. I know with school work I won't be keeping that up at first.

This is my room right now. Or, some parts of it at least. 


making six seconds that last forever

As an artist and creative kind of person in general, I always seem to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to projects. One day I'll paint something, then decide I'm going to make a line of similar paintings, sell them, and become a famous artist. The next, I make a dress or something, and plot how I can get on Project Runway. As if perfecting my cello skills isn't enough, last week I had a few days where all I wanted was a guitar. I figured using Vine again would be like that, and that it would probably die out as I got busy with my other ambitious ideas. But so far, it hasn't, and I am really enjoying it as a way to express myself.


I Still Exist!!

Just maybe not on my blog. Or on He Grew, She Drew. But I am attempting to make a comeback! School is over, so I really have no excuse for not blogging. Summer break is finally here for me, and I'm so excited about it. I have an endless list of things to do, and this is the first summer in two years that I am not moving, so hopefully I can actually get some things done. So far, I have been! I painted these mushrooms, which you can find for sale on my Etsy (my shop is Ophiblu!) I also still have Shop Local tees up there too, and I will continue to add art as I make it. 
So, if you are still coming around to my blog every once in a while, thank you! Enjoy this watercolor painting I did, and then go outside because it's summer! 


dressin up

I'm home from NYC, and with me I brought back many ideas and quite a bit of inspiration. Oh, and also $80 worth of fabric from Mood....! One kind of fabric that I got is this lightly striped linen. With it I decided to make a vintage-inspired dress. It was sort of ambitious, considering that I haven't sewn a whole lot lately, and I didn't even have a pattern. But that didn't stop me. I created my own pattern, based off one of my dresses from UO, and got sewing.

 It took me three days total to make it. That means three days of spending 80% of the day in my room sewing, pinning, cutting, accidentally stabbing myself with pins, throwing piles of thread onto the floor, and forgetting to eat lunch. But it was all worth it! I am in love with how it turned out. 



I have not kept up with my blog lately. I have, however, been keeping up with my Snapchat and Instagram (@ophiblu) but I've neglected this place! I am hoping to return soon though. Tonight my family and I are leaving for New York City, and when I get back I will (hopefully) have lots to share. But in the meantime, this is a little watercolor and pen illustration from a few days ago.


wildflower insides


I've recently been in somewhat of an artists block, and not really able to figure out my style. So, what sometimes helps me, when that's happening, is to just paint something I already know, and like to paint. I started painting some lungs, not really sure where it would take me, and next I added flowers. Then came the torso anatomy with plants, a bunny, a bird, until I had a whole garden of illustrations growing. I am really excited about how this series turned out. They've sort of directed me where I want to go for now.
And by the way, happy spring! Hope you're all having a great week.