Athletic Aesthetic

I made a gif! Yippee! 
Basically the purpose of it was to share with you my very sporty/girly outfit from last week
My skirt and socks were from American Apparel, my shoes are Adidas Sambas, and my shirt was thrifted. 
Unfortunately this is the extent of my posting today. I do have more to post soon, so stay tuned! For now just be hypnotized and dizzied by this gif since it is never-ending. Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.


Friday Night Art Night

Since my new bedroom is starting to feel like the perfect little nook to make art, sip tea, and listen to records in, I invited my friend over to make art and hangout with me. It was a blast! We walked home  from school together, got out some snacks and went right to work! 
She was looking through one of my old abandoned journals.
Some supplies we used. Yes, sushi is a supply. It is necessary. 
It got messier the more we worked. 
 We listened to an entire Vampire Weekend record, then switched to some alt-j∆ and some other indie-synthy music. The entire situation was very "indie" Because most teens spend friday nights at the ice rink, or at a movie or something mainstream and "fun" but not us. You know in movies, how there is always that group of kids who really don't follow the main trends, and are quiet at school, and dress really cool and indie-ish? Maybe it'd just be easier to say the wallflower group. Well, my school doesn't have that. it just has the two of us. So we had our own mini party in my room, including lots of paint and music and tea. What could be better?
 My friend and I went through a bunch of Nylon mags for some inspiration. It's such a cool magazine for that.
 They're cohesive! 
I guess we had a bit of an Asian theme, green tea, sushi, and the best mochi in the entire world! I could live off of mochi. 

So overall, it was a really fun friday night! We discussed song lyrics and magazines and aesthetics (that has got to be the most difficult word to spell) and other similar topics! It's so fun to have a friend that is very much into the same things as you are, especially art! I can't wait to do it again. 




As of right now, my life seems to be going through a couple of changes. Maybe not just my life, actually, but the world around me as well. Starting off with the weather.
I guess it isn't such a great idea to go to California in November, because while you're gone, Pennsylvania will just decide to completely skip fall and go straight into winter. So when you get home, instead of a nice warm welcome, you receive a cold, 15 degree slap in the face. The worst part is that it is only November, and it will get colder. Hmph. Winter is not my friend.
So, that's the first transition. The second one would be my sudden transition of bedrooms. After being in the biggest room in the house for a while, I decided I just wasn't feeling it anymore, and it didn't make me think of a typical angsty-teen-girl bedroom. I envisioned one that was much cozier, with lot's of stuff on the wall, and a shelf filled with art supplies and magazines and stationary. A room I can play music in and attempt to dance around to the Violent Femmes like Angela Chase did in My So Called Life. Anything to be like Angela Chase, really.
Here comes another transition! Change in role models, or idols I could say! Hmm, this one is harder to describe. I go through lots of phases of who I look up to, or want to be like. Last year, it was Luanna P. from Le-Happy, then Angela from MSCL, then a dash of Winnie Cooper here and there. Now it's edging towards Patti Smith and The Velvet Underground, ya know, those sort of lo-fi 70's rocker vibes.  Although I still am a bit influenced by Winnie, considering my hair is just like hers. Patti Smith just has this thing where every time I here her or see her picture, I just think, man, why is she that cool? I can't describe it really. She's just so so so cool. I haven't even read all of Just Kids yet, I've only listened to parts of it on a long drive with my family, before I was really into her. And the Velvet Underground, well, my mom has been pushing me towards them for a while, and since I was obsessed with Mac Demarco for a little while, the second I heard them I was reminded of him and was hooked instantly. I'm guessing he was really influenced by Lou Reed's style, since his very much resembles it. Now that I think about it, that would also be a music transition too.

These aren't my pictures, they're from tumblr, but they're too cool not to post and I needed some visuals anyway.

Oh, before I go, I have one more thing to say! Stay tuned to this blog for a bit, because I have an exciting project that will soon be posted. No hints, except that it will be entertaining. I promise.


Who Needs Jamba Juice?

No more mysteries about the content of this post! So, it's obviously a DIY acai bowl kinda thing, and absolutely anyone ca do it, but the main purpose of it is for the East Coast people (like me) who don't have a juice place on every single street, selling these bowls of healthy deliciousness. Wow, that sounded pretty cliche. But it's totally true! They are actually so good! In Pennsylvania, I have yet to come across a place selling them, but in California, they were everywhere! This frustrated me, since I already felt like those Californians were living in luxury compared to us, but this too?! So I decided to make my own. 

Let me just say it was extremely easy, and there are so any variations! This is just a very basic one. 

I wouldn't recommend adding the cat! It's a little too furry and ruins the flavor! 

This part is not limited to what I've shown! Do whatever you want with it!

Those little pinkish circles definitely do not resemble banana coins, but that is what they are.

And tada! It's not the prettiest work of art, but it tasted so, so good.


So West Coast

After one whole week of a perfect vacation, my family and I have finally departed from the west coast and are back in Pennsylvania.
The trip was what my dad called a "Southern California Sampler," because we saw so much of so many different places, in so little time. Also it was my first time in California. Starting in San Diego, we made our way to Carlsbad, Encinitas, LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, Malibu, Algoura Hills, Huntington Beach, Newport, Costa Mesa, and finally Santa Ana. We did all that in about seven days! It was tiring at some points, but I would redo it all over again if I could. 

Getting on the plane last night, I was overwhelmed with that feeling I used to get when I was younger at Christmas, after the final present had been opened and the surprise and excitement was over for a while. Of course, there were still all of those great gifts to look at and play with, but there's nothing like tearing off the wrapping paper and seeing them for the very first time. So, in the same way, I have all of my souvenirs to look at and play with, but I'm not there, in California anymore. But oh boy do I wish I was. Maybe it's the fact that it was 90 degrees and sunny there every single day, and that where I actually live, it is going to snow any day now. Wow, that was a painful thought to write out. I had always imagined California to be great, but it way exceded my expectations. It was almost like a whole new world, one that I still cannot believe has existed all this time and I've gone thirteen years without getting to experience it. The sun, the people, the food, the clothes, the lifestyle, it all blew me away. I saw people skateboarding to work, and people that I thought only existed in magazines and on TV. Unfortunately, I did not spot any famous people, but the area itself was so famous I didn't mind.
 This was a sketch I did while silently pleading for the plane ride to be over so I could get to the west coast already.

 This was our first stop after getting off of the plane, and our last as well. It happened to be right by the airport and 100% vegan, and also some of the best food in the world. 

 Plus, it had the cutest outside patio!!

 Vegan food makes me a happy artist. 

{Shoe Selfies}

There was sacred geometry on the streets!! What kind of a world is this and why am I not living there???

The Mission Basilica in San Diego was so beautiful and aesthetic-y. It was a bummer that I had a bad cold while we were there, so it was harder for me to take in and fully appreciate all of the beauty of it. 

After the mission, we drove to the Carlsbad area, and then checked out Encinitas. It was such a cool place that reminded me of teenage novels with all of the cute surfer-guys and perfect, tan blonde girls, hippy shops, record shops, and total beach vibes! Beach vibes in november….best thing ever! 

All of the days we spent in California were fantastic, but this one was one of the best. While my brother and Dad hung out at Lego land all day, my mom and I wandered the cool streets of Encinitas.

We ate lunch at a fully raw and vegan place called Peace Pies. I'm still dreaming about it. Also, Vampire Weekend was playing in the cafe and that made it even better. 

Next, we strolled to a little record shop, that had EVERYTHING! I got a Vampire Weekend record for only 15 dollars. 

We continued our walk to a bead and rock shop that also had everything (bead-wise, of course) and I found some cool little triangle beads that made me think of Alt-J∆. It was super embarrassing though, since I almost forgot to pay the guy when he rang them up. 

When we finished roaming the streets, sipping Kombucha in the sunlight, eating goji berries, and completely livin' it up, we headed back to our hotel, where I journaled a bit.

Here's a shot of the beach at Carlsbad.

The next day was almost entirely the opposite, since we did a few touristy things such as see the Hollywood sign. Let me just tell you, it's much cooler in pictures. But I guess it's cool to be able to say 
that I've seen it.

In the Hollywood Hills, there's this house with TONS of random junk and mosaic all over it. It's really private though, so we only could see the outside.

This Monet quote really made my day.

Even though all of the touristy sight-seeing wasn't really that fun or cool, I did get semi excited when I saw this. 
Next Stop, Venice Beach.

This is my new favorite shirt. 

From there we went to Santa Monica, where I went to American Apparel and got this outfit. 

This was in Santa Monica too, even though the magazine says Malibu.

Japanese markets are one of the cutest things on earth, and make me feel so kawaii whenever I go in them. 

These were a few of goodies from the day. I can never leave those stores without a mochi. Sadly, I accidentally left that mochi in the fridge of one hotel and forgot to get it before we left! It was one of the saddest moments of the whole trip. So I decided to illustrate it. 

I take my mochi very seriously. 
So, overall Venice Beach was very interesting. The boardwalk was cool, except all of the pot-smokers who stank it up. I loved seeing all of the people skateboarding, and it actually inspired me to want to use my skateboard again. I'd probably be on it right now, but unlike California, Pennsylvania is way too cold all the time for that :(. 

After Venice Beach, we hung out in Malibu, which I had only heard of before from Brandy Melville t-shirts. I guess now I know why all those Brandy girls love it. Oh, and this is a picture I made my brother take of me when we got there. 

Before we left, I put on my flash tattoo that I got in Encinitas. It's still on right now! 

Gosh, Malibu was a dream. It's extremely hard to see, but there are a whole bunch of baby sea lions on the rocks down there. There were dolphins in the water too, but they move so much, and are impossible to take a picture of!

Costa Mesa:

One of my favorite things about California is how there are vegan restaurants on literally every street. One of my favorites was Native Foods Cafe, and I got this salad there. 

In Costa Mesa, there was another Asain Market, and half of it was a bookstore! I wish I could have spent more time in there, there was so much to see! 

Some kawaii things from the market.

Right near the market was this super hipster place called The Lab, Anti mall. In it was an awesome salon, where I walked in and they gave me bangs! I have never had any before, but I actually really like them! 

Right before I got my haircut, I took a bunch of pictures in the bathroom of the mall. No, I wasn't taking selfless. It had a really cool ceiling! 

{After Selfie}

One night, we went to Snow Station. It's like a frozen yogurt place, for all you east-coasters who don't know. but instead, it has shaved "snow" and is wayyy better than a frozen yogurt place. I split this platter with my brother. 

Final Day: Santa Ana

This day was difficult, because I really did not want to say goodbye. My dad, brother, and I chilled in a little park while my mom taught an art workshop. (The whole reason we went.) I took selfies.

Last Stop, Evolution Fast Foods.

I had to get a vegan kombucha float before we left California, since I knew it was highly unlikely for me to ever get one on the east coast unless I made it myself. It may have been one of the best drinks I've ever had.