I have not kept up with my blog lately. I have, however, been keeping up with my Snapchat and Instagram (@ophiblu) but I've neglected this place! I am hoping to return soon though. Tonight my family and I are leaving for New York City, and when I get back I will (hopefully) have lots to share. But in the meantime, this is a little watercolor and pen illustration from a few days ago.


wildflower insides


I've recently been in somewhat of an artists block, and not really able to figure out my style. So, what sometimes helps me, when that's happening, is to just paint something I already know, and like to paint. I started painting some lungs, not really sure where it would take me, and next I added flowers. Then came the torso anatomy with plants, a bunny, a bird, until I had a whole garden of illustrations growing. I am really excited about how this series turned out. They've sort of directed me where I want to go for now.
And by the way, happy spring! Hope you're all having a great week.



In my last post, I mentioned that I had sewn something new, so here it is! I used the Wiksten tank pattern again, as a base, but made some adjustments. I altered the length of the shirt, and added sleeves (!!!). I have never made anything with sleeves before, so this was kind of fun. I love figuring things out on my own, so I created my own sleeve pattern and sewed them on the way I thought made sense.

 I only had a yard and a half of fabric, and that made the process more difficult, since I messed up a few times. But in the end, I made it work (I've watched too much Project Runway) and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Also, I am started a right-side pocket revolution! I've never seen a shirt with the pocket on the right side, and this one is.


Friends and French Food and Feeling Good!

The past few weeks have not been the greatest for me. Artists block, winter, and dreading school don't make life very fun. I didn't really feel like I had any friends that were really like me, or that I connected with. Mentally, I was not in the best state. But that didn't last for very long! I sort of realized, with the help of my parents of course, that in order to be happy, you can't just wait around for things to get better. You have to do something about it. So I did some rearranging in my life. (and in my room too! But I'll post that some other time). I've started hanging out with some different people. I also know that being productive makes me happy too, so I made a shirt, and did some paintings without thinking, just putting paint on the paper and seeing where I got from there, (both of which I'll post soon!). But today was the best! My friend Kira-who has been a friend over instagram for a while- and I hung out for the first time today! It was so lovely, and made me kind of buzzed and inspired inside. 

So, if you're in a place (mentally or physically) that does not make you happy, do something! Listen to some happy tunes (I'll be making a playlist soon!), go to lunch with someone new, make something, cook something, paint, read, dance in your bedroom, climb a tree, do yoga, sit in the sun, pet a dog, take a bath, hug someone, just do something to make yourself happy! 
 xoxo - India