Catching Up

So, it has been a while since I have actually written a blog post, and I guess it doesn't really matter that much since I have 0 readers, but I still want to stick with it. Lately, I have been spending my time at school, practicing cello, drawing or hanging out with a new friend of mine, and haven't gotten around to blogging. But here I am!

This is a recent sketch I did. The quality is terrible since the picture is from my phone, but it is still visible.

When school first started, I was in need of some pictures to put up inside my locker, and I could not find many cool Alt-J logos, so I drew my own. 

Another sketch. 

This is from a walk in some weird alleys where I found this cool face on the side of the wall. 

I also found this sign.

My friend that I mentioned previously told me one day this his favorite tree is a birch tree, so I painted one and put it in is locker at school the next day. 

Random selfie I took in my first ever American Apparel skirt, and cat shirt. 

I did henna with my mom and even though I had to sit in an awkward position for three hours, I really liked it in the end!

My family and I went to a really hipster-ish restaurant where I found 2 people wearing Adidas like mine, and I took a sneaky picture without them noticing. 

It was called Spak Brothers and it had so many vegan options and it was amazing. 


We found some cool places to take pictures, including this one. 

So basically this is some of what I have been doing lately, and I will create an art post soon, and maybe even some other ones too! 


Virtual Gallery/Diy Number 2.

In my last post, I explained the whole thing about me sort of reinventing myself through art, or just my art I guess. Anyway, I have continued on that path and explored with even more new things than before. I've been working with not only watercolor illustration, but fine liner pens too and colic markers-which I've actually had for a while but never used much and by the way they are the best thing ever but so expensive as well! 

Above is one really recent doodle that I did to slip into a letter I wrote to a friend from where I used to live. 

As you can see I have a theme going right now: black and white plants. I promise you that isn't the only thing I'm doing, although it is my obsession (this week).

I'd like to also apologize for the bad quality photos. That won't be happening much I hope.

Here is me proving that I haven't only drawn plants.

Again! And this time I even used color(▰˘◡˘▰)!

And this one is way different than plants! I think it would be cool on a t-shirt, but my mom said it looks like the hand of the Grinch. Whatever. 

I know that this picture was already posted at the top, but I'm going to keep talking about it soo here it is. One thing you probably didn't think about it was that the flowers are actually doodles I did, then cut out and glued to my binder for school, since I didn't want to have a boring binder.

Ok here we go: My 2nd Diy.
First, Mod Podge or something similar will be needed for this. You'll also need some scissors, paper, pens, and a paintbrush. 
Oh, and a binder might help too. 

So, I started by making some doodles of plants (but they don't have to be plants) and then cut them out. 

The one above is my favorite.

Ok so once you get all of your supplies together and cut out your doodles, slather a bunch of glue on the backs of your doodles and put them on where you want them to be! It helps if you place them out beforehand so you have a plan-and also make sure the binder is right-side-up or it will be very weird and frustrating like it was for me. 

Once it's on, put glue all over the outside to make sure it's going to stay. You may have to re-apply once in a while if you're using it for school like I am. 

 It will look better in the end if you runoff some of the excess glue. Once that's all done, you can let it dry for a while and then you'll have the coolest binder in school!