The Warhead Challenge Project

My brother has an obsession with warheads, and for his birthday a few months ago, was given a huge bag of them.
For those who don't know, a warhead is an extremely sour candy, with a painfully sharp and bitter taste that lasts for about half a minute, and then reveals a sweet aftertaste. If you aren't used to eating them, they are quite a shock to the taste buds. 
Anyway, the night he got the candies, my family and I sat around eating them, and laughing at each others faces when the sourness became overbearing. We starting thinking about how everyone makes hilarious and different expressions when eating warheads, and I later decided to start capturing a few. 
Note: There is more info at the bottom of this post!  

I also made a Padlet to showcase all of these pictures somewhere that they are easier to access. 
If you want to take part in the War Head Challenge Project, take some pictures with your best sour face, put them in black and white, and post it to this Padlet page. Have fun! 


Cat Megapost!!

Everyone knows that cats are one of the main symbols of a hipster. Cats are so popular right now, and there are so many different kinds of cat-themed things out there! After Christmas, my family and I sort of realized that I own (possible too much) of  those kinds of things. After a lot of urging from my mom, I decided to put together this post to show off my cat-lady-ness.

The cats above are make up my cat statue collection, which is small, but has been around for a while. 

Tis is the fourth member of that collection, but since it has a greater purpose-holding my rings- it got it's own picture. 

Speaking of jewelry, here are a few pairs of my cat earrings. 

This (above) is my favorite pair. They've been worn the most, and have been through a lot. One time, I was at a coffee shop with my friends, and one of them randomly fell out, and into the cup of tea I was drinking. A sign maybe? It was very funny. They're my lucky earrings. 

I think lucky cats are the coolest thing ever. They are also called Maneki-neko, and I have three pairs of earrings with them on them. Unfortunately I lost one of the third pair, and didn't take a picture of them. 

My mom has a Maneki-neko stamp. It's adorable!  

Stationary is another one of my obsessions, and these little Japanese cat envelopes are some of my favorites. I got them in Philly, at the little Chinatown section there. 

Here comes more stationary!

I got this set for Christmas, but you can get it here

{Switching gears a bit from Japanese themed to vintage}

Here is another stationary/parcel set I got for Christmas. Its amazing!


It came with so much cute stuff! There were gift bags, tags, and stickers.

You can get the set here.

Here is my last bit of cat stationery (for now). It's a card from Franki. 

A cat stamp! 

Cat lip balm! It's sparkly and smells just like watermelon jolly ranchers. You can get it here.

A super kitschy cat barrette! This was a gift and I could not find a link to another one online:(

My favorite phone case. It's from Threadless a long time ago, and I don't think they sell them anymore. 

Above is a picture of some new fabric that my mom got me for Christmas. It's my own print, of a painting I did. My mom got this made at Spoon Flower. Have fun!

Next on my cat-list is Catopoly. A way more fun version of Monopoly. Seriously. 

Even the pieces are more fun! 

Also, your cat will love it! Mine does! 

Next up is some cat temporary tattoos. They're soo cool and I cannot wait to try them. I'll try and post pictures when I do. These were from UO, but I couldn't find them on the site.
However, if you want them, you can find them on this site.

Urban is a great place for getting funky cat stuff, and much of mine is from there. This is one of my favorites:

A cat hanger! When they were first being sold, they came in many different animals, but the cat was the most popular. Now I think there is only wolf, dog and skeleton. No cat:( but you can still check them out here!

I have come to my last collection of cat stuff. And I saved the best for last! My cat t-shirts! 

This is my hipster cat shirt. 

Second in my t-shirt collection is this yin-yang cat eye shirt. It's also from Etsy. Actually, almost all of these shirts are. 

The shirt below is my current cat favorite. It's hilarious, and extremely comfy. Plus, the creator of it is soo cool. 

It's made by this pet photographer (what a fun job that would be!!) in Philly. Here's his site. I dare you to check it out. If you want the shirt, get it here. Even better, 5 dollars will go to a cat adoption center in CA! 

I love this shirt (above) because the cat on it looks just like my cat, Ruby. She was the one on Catopoly earlier in the post. 

This last one it soo cute. I wear it all the time. 

So that's my collection, well, most of it at least. But this post isn't over yet! I went searching for some cool cat stuff that I didn't have, and came across some great finds. 

Aren't these fantastic?! Get them here!

This is the purrrrfect tea pot for a crazy cat lady (which I will be one day). It's a set for one. UO sells it here

This  cat skirt is crazy! It's made by the designer Joseph Aaron Segal, also known as Pretty Snake. He was on Project Runway a few seasons ago, and was my favorite designer. He's obsessed with cat's, and almost all of the clothing he sells are cat-themed. I bought this pair of earrings from him, and it was so cool because I posted a picture of them and he commented on it! Even if you don't want to buy anything, you should look around on his site because it's so fun! 

This jumper was something I obsessed over for so long, and Lazy Oaf just quit selling it. It matches the tea pot for one so well! 

I'd totally wear this cat eye sweater, also from the Pretty Snake shop. 

For my last section of this post, I will leave you with some cat-tastic videos.