Paid to Stitch

After doing my first Frida Kahlo embroidery, which you may have seen on here a couple weeks ago, I received a sweet direct message on Instagram from someone I didn't know, asking me to do an embroidery commission for her. I love to embroider, and of course, I said yes. 

The girl who asked soon mailed me her denim jacket, and I got to work embroidered Frida on the back. 

The final product made me so happy, and I hope it made it's owner happy too. 
It was only my second time embroidering Frida's face (not my first time embroidering) and it was crazy to see how much I improved from the first Frida to the second! See for yourself below.

My first take on Frida

Frida 2.0!

I hope to get more commissions to work on soon. Not just Frida, but I want to explore other faces and things too! 


No Sleep til Brooklyn

After much internal debate and some last minute decision making from my family, we decided to take a mini trip to New York City for a quick escape from small town Virginia life. 

Packing Necessities: Patti tee, a camera, red lipstick, Jeffrey Campbell boots that killed my feet, and my jeans with a snake patch.

NYC is my favorite city, I fall in love again every single time we go. This time, to shake things up a bit, we stayed in Brooklyn. 

I've had this idea in my head for a while, where I grow up and live as a fashion designer (or whatever I end up becoming) in Brooklyn. I wanted to use this trip to confirm whether or not it actually would be a place I could live, and it definitely was. My friend, who goes to Pratt, gave me a tour of the school, and I loved it. 

Now, on another note, one of my favorite things about NYC is the food. There's just so much! New York pretty much has it all when it comes to food. Here's a mini review of the best things I ate on my little trip. 

Champ's Diner (See first photo on left)-  All vegan diner food, with a cool old but modern diner style atmosphere. The sweet potato fries were out of this world!  I ordered a little bit of everything, and feasted on vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, and hash browns. 10/10 would eat there again. 

Roberta's - A very hip pizza joint in Brooklyn. It felt a little bit like we were at a club, the trap music was so loud we had to shout to make conversation, but I like trap so it wasn't that big of a deal. Plus, the margarita pizza was soo good. 

The Bagel Store - Classic tourists. One of the main motivators of the trip was the rainbow bagels we repeatedly saw on Instagram. I watched a video on how they were made, and someone in it described the experience as eating cake for breakfast. That was no lie. 

Tea Bar (Last photo on right) - A little Brooklyn coffee shop that we stopped in whenever we needed to re-caffeinate. They matcha and chai tea lattes were superb here. (I can't really believe I just used the term superb, but they were.) 

Five Leaves (Middle Photo) - This was our last food stop on the way out of Brooklyn. We had eaten so much the past few days, and I spent all the time before the hipster waiter took our order debating between more pancakes, or trying something healthy (a word I forgot the meaning of in NYC.) I went with the healthy option, a bowl of quinoa, farro, and some other grain I can't remember the name of. It had watermelon radish, poached eggs, and asparagus on it. Let's just say I'm still dreaming of this bowl today. 

Nyc is like a different world. It has trends that catch on before anywhere else in the US, and I love to go there, just to see what they are. This visit, I noticed that oversized is everything. People were wearing culottes with big, bulky sweaters. And trench coats were everywhere too. All different kinds, but I saw a lot of furry ones. Denim jackets are a classic still too, but just make sure that you don't walk out in NYC wearing a denim jacket without covering it in patches first. 
Shoe wise, I am SO happy to see that they Adidas Superstars are finally out. Vans are the new adidas for sure. 

So that basically wraps up my trip. It definitely got my creative juices flowing, and in the next few weeks (when I'm not studying, of course) I hope to be working on some new projects and then putting them up here!