Obsession of the Week

As I have mentioned a couple of times before, I am still experimenting with different mediums in art, and trying to figure out which I like best. Watercolors are one that I have only played around with a little bit here and there, but recently I have become obsessed. I come home from school, and head straight to the watercolors. I used to like to go to bed early, but now I even find myself staying up until my dad forces me to go to bed, because I can't pull myself away from my painting. Still, I don't really know what I am doing when I use them, but I'm teaching myself and having fun doing it. 

One tough thing for me about watercolors is the supplies. They don't work with just any kind of brush, and they don't work on just any paper, either. The other day my mom and I went in to Michael's, and I was so so excited that the Canson watercolor pads were on sale. I splurged a little bit, and got two big ones. Buying art supplies is more exciting than new clothes lately. 

This is a painting I did the other day on the Canson paper. I'm loving it so far.
I am hoping to use up all of the Canson paper I bought. And then post more art on here, since I haven't been using my blog enough.

Yesterday I scratched the my eye and made a joke that this is how I looked. A little less dramatic though, and a little more of a mess.

So that's my quick art update. If you like to paint, draw, doodle, or make art in general, I would recommend using Canson paper pads if you have not tried them already.

I haven't really been up to much else lately. I only have 19 days of school left! And all of my big tests are over for the year. I would write more, but I kind of want to get back to my painting.
See ya(。◕‿◕。)


Girls, Plants, and Food


There is not enough time in the day. At least not during the week, when all I want to do is make art but I have to go to school and then do homework and chores and everything. I'm counting down the days (21!) until school is out, and my middle school carrier is officially over. I am looking forward to spending most of my days drawing, sketching, doodling, painting, and hopefully blogging too.
A couple of days ago I found out that my parents own a scanner, and I've been taking advantage of that a lot.
These are some doodles/drawings (I'm not sure what to call them) I've done recently. Some of them I did while watching the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet for the second time, which is an absolutely amazing movie, and others I did while listening to Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, or Mac Demarco. Those are my most frequently played lately. I haven't been super active on this blog for the past couple of weeks, but I have been updating my Tumblr a lot (check it out here) and I'm planning on starting a new one entirely for my art, once I have enough to post.
In the near future I will post a new 8tracks playlist on here with my favorite songs at the moment.

Until next time...